Future Growth Opportunities

Significant growth is expected from the rapid POC test for TpP, as well as for our existing FDA approved ELISA format. In fact the total potential market for TpP is so large that the Company is pursuing licensing agreements with large diagnostic/ pharmaceutical companies to help reach the appropriate segments.

Fibrinogen is a recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease and is considered to be as important, if not more than, cholesterol. With the advent of new drugs to lower fibrinogen levels, the Company's Functional Intact Fibrinogen (FiF) test, which offers a quantitative measurement of fibrinogen, becomes increasingly important. ABS intends to pursue additional clinical evaluation for this test in 1999.

Further growth is expected from contract arrangements, similar to the Trevigen, Inc. deal, with the Company's Antigen Free technology, which has the capability to produce high affinity monoclonal antibodies that cannot be produced by conventional means.

ABS through its Stellar Bio Systems division continues to develop novel diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, such as herpes virus 8, an opportunistic virus implicated in Karposi's sarcoma.

In addition, ABS is pursuing synergistic acquisitions in both diagnostic and therapeutic fields in line with the Company's dual strategy.


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